Pharma Strategy Blog, AACR and Ribonucleases

The American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting has come and gone for 2012 without a single blog post from me. I tweeted and shared links on Google + but a story line for a post never came to me. Enter Sally Church who writes Pharma Strategy Blog. The focus of Sally’s work is new product development and she provides insights about drugs, primarily in oncology, on her blog. After the AACR meeting, Sally asked if I was interested in sharing what we do here at QuintBio with her readers at PSB. Now that my posts are up at PSB, I wanted to share with you here at The Next Element.

Part 1: Ribonucleases (RNase) what are they and why are they relevant to cancer?

Part 2: Ribonucleases (RNase) clinical applications for cancer therapy


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