#JPM14 Mad Libs

Here is a short JP Morgan Themed Mad Libs to keep you entertained between meetings. Hat tip to Brian Reid and his list of buzzwords for the extra push to post.

I’m  (NAME) the (ADJECTIVE) and I am (DREAM JOB TITLE) at a biotech company with a drug candidate to treat (DISEASE), which is an unmet need. The drug, (FUNNY ANIMAL NAME), is a (NUMBER) in class therapy that works by (VERB -ing) the (FAVORITE BIOLOGY NOUN). We got a (MUSICAL INSTRUMENT) designation from the FDA. I raised (NUMBER) billions of dollars from (2 of WORST JOBS) to meet this unmet need. We’re looking for a (ADJECTIVE) strategic partner to push our drug into Phase (NUMBER) clinical trials. Our strategy for emerging markets is to (VERB) and (VERB). Building on the breadth of our portfolio, we’re going public to raise another (NUMBER) billion dollars because you can never have too many sharks with frickin’ targeted laser beams attached to their heads.

*Disclaimer: No specific bankers, journalists, biotech execs, venture capitalists or scientists were envisioned in the drafting of this Mad Libs.*


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