#wearenotwaiting is amazing

This weekend I came across a blog post “CGM in the Cloud: Personal Preferences” written by Kerri, a woman with Type I diabetes. Her post goes through the factors that resulted in her decision to share her continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data in the cloud. As I went back in the Six Until Me archives, I found this amazing Q&A post with John Costik about the #wearenotwaiting movement.

There’s a whole movement in the diabetes community embracing that very concept. And today (and tomorrow) I’ll be taking an in-depth look at how amazing people in this community are taking their diabetes data into their own hands. We are not waiting, indeed!

Today, John Costik, one of the founding members of the CGM in the Cloud Facebook group, an engineer, and diabetes dad to Evan, talks with me about the #wearenotwaiting movement and how he was inspired to make CGM data bend to his needs. (This is a long post, but his perspectives are awesome.)

Read the post if you are a drug, device or health tech developer, a patient, a caregiver, a hacker, a doctor. Perhaps people familiar with Type I diabetes know this story, but this movement is new to me. In case you need more motivation to go READ THE POST, here is one of the tweets mentioned:

I’m still digesting the implications of #wearenotwaiting but here are some initial reactions:

  • People with passion are amazing!
  • Health data sharing shouldn’t be an on/off switch. Healthy or sick, we should be able to fine tune what, when and who we want to share.
  • Drug and device developers should be thinking about technology tools today because they are coming, quickly.  (Maybe they are here already.)

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