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(Re)Reading This Weekend (6/14/14)

There were a few long reads that I’ll be re-reading over the weekend, including: New blood  (at Fortune, by Roger Parloff @rparloff) This article profiles the blood diagnostics company, Theranos, and the founder, Elizabeth Holmes. While you will find the founder description interesting, I found myself drawn to the questions of business model, trade secrets and regulation.

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Risk Distribution & Opportunity Costs in Entrepreneurship

Risk Distribution In WIRED, “One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush” by  Gideon Lewis-Kraus is a very long read for a magazine article but works to compare/contrast the social and economic lives of tech startup founders and employees at larger tech companies. Here’s a passage that stuck with me for hours after reading the

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Entrepreneurship: The Allure of (the Illusion of) Control

In the early years of my entrepreneurship adventure, I would have conversations that would go something like this: Colleague: That is so great that you get total control over your company. You can work on whatever projects you want, choose who you want to work with. Me: Yeah, it fits nicely with my slightly* Type

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