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Innovation: Via a 5th Generation WI Life Science Company

I want to share three themes that struck me from the Dohmen Life Science Services Entrepreneur Summit in Milwaukee this week. Is there an age or stage of company that doesn’t require innovation?  Dohmen started as an apothecary in 1858 and is a private fifth generation company, which has reinvented itself over the last few years.

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Could Pharma/Biotech Build an Amazon?

Pharma/Biotech Business Model Innovation When I hear/read about business model innovation in pharma/biotech, the themes generally focus on changes that would improve R&D productivity – moving discoveries from academia to industry more efficiently (some examples of university-related incubators), reproducibility of experiments, venture capital firms creating their own early stage companies, pharma moving R&D innovation external (corporate, biotech and

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How Do You Build Networks When You Can’t Say Anything?

This post is either a bold or a completely misguided attempt to mix the practical steps of networking with the (idealistic?) notion that we as members of an innovation region have a responsible to build and maintain strong networks. In March, I told you about a community building experiment, the Biotech in Wisconsin Meetup group.

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