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Is Biotech Venture Capital Dying?

This post was inspired by the Xconomy story Wisconsin 2013 VC Activity Drops, Shifts to Software from Biotech. To recap, Wisconsin has historically fared very poorly by virtually any measure related to venture capital. And 2013 was ugly form a numbers perspective: VC funding in the state dropped from $95.3M in 2012 to $35.9M. (Here’s

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Active Life Science VCs & Twitter: Correlation? Causation? Randomness?

What happens when you combine a crowdsourcing effort to identify active life science venture capital funds and add a couple of biotech entrepreneurs active in social media? In this case: a spreadsheet and a blog post. Crowdsourcing Data In the fall, there was a discussion on Twitter about the importance of life science entrepreneurs understanding

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The Chem Coach Carnival & National Chemistry Week

Over at See Arr Oh‘s blog Just Like Cooking, a blog carnival has gotten underway in celebration of the 25th National Chemistry Week. A blog carnival is a way to get a variety of people (bloggers and others!) to contribute on a specific topic, which in this case is The Chem Coach. The spark for the topic was to provide

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